Acne and Treatment

Acne is mostly a teenage problem. However, some adults also suffer from this skin condition. Teenage girls and young women find it extremely unsightly to have them on their face and are always in search of the best acne treatment. What they need to know is that there is no one common cure.

These chemical peels used to be available on dermatology establishments only, but now they are also available for home use as well. You can easily get a high pharmaceutical grade peel on the internet that you can use at home for only a fraction of the price from derm clinics. This is actually a double edge sword because it does provide a much cheaper way to have the benefits of these peels at home but it may also be a source of some disastrous circumstances.

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Back acne is often accompanied by deep cystic nodules that are painful and prone to leaving scars. As with facial acne, you should not try to open pimples. If you have a mild case with only occasional breakouts, try a cleanser made for acne and be sure the areas are dry before applying benzoyl peroxide lotions or gels. Remember that the peroxide will bleach the color out of anything that it touches so covering up with a plain white tee shirt will keep you from bleaching your clothing or sheets. Be gentle when washing affected areas. Scrubbing vigorously just causes more irritation.

So, it is best to use cucumber to maintain beautiful skin. You can apply cucumber easily on your skin without any hassle. All you need to do is to just blend the cucumber and apply the juice or the extract directly on the skin and washed the face with purified water after it dries off. Cucumber is very popular as eye moisturizer to prevent black eye circle, but you need to know that cucumber is very effective in treating acne.